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In the Swiss watchmaking industry flourishing modern, many people may have never noticed that the real birthplace of the watchmaking industry is actually the UK. The history of the watchmaking industry originated in the 17th century, when the British Royal Navy fleet continued to expand its territory and vision of the adventure era, longitude position calculation has become a very important part of the hegemony of the world. 1714 British Queen Empress to encourage the early development of the longitude in the sea to calculate the method, in particular, held by the British Royal Longitude Computing Instrument Competition, hoping to attract high prizes of all elites invented accurate longitude calculation methods and instruments.Graham Replica Watches

British generations of watch manufacturers in the technology and concept of the invention can be completely inherited and added new ideas and inherited down. Such as George Graham for the first person to invent the timer, so people call the great watchmaker as "the father of the timer.".Graham watch is designed and created by British George Graham in 1695.

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